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0            Sensorial System ︎
1.1           New Art City
1.2          Radical Bodies︎︎
2            Flee︎︎
3            ODE 
4            Funguy︎︎

5            Kaiser Permenete︎



︎Branding ︎Transmedia

Sensorial System︎

MFA Thesis, Experiential Design, Generative Design
 Decoding Intimacy through Multi-sensory Information Design

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New Art City ︎︎

Visual Identity, Spatial Design, Generative Design, Publication
New Art City is a virtual exhibition toolkit for new media art with a focus on copresence and experiencing digital art together.
One of the biggest challenges the new art city faces is how to create a bridge connecting physical and digital space.

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Flee ︎︎

Brand Identity Generator, Spatial Design

FLEE is a brand identity generator designed to give flea market vendors the freedom to create their own visual identities and collateral.

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Radical Bodies ︎︎

Brand Identity, Spatial Design, Motion Design, Publication
This exhibition presents the work of 3 women digital media artists from different generations, who use feminism, culture,
and identity to investigate current political events, social conditions, and overlooked artistic legacies.

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ODE ︎︎

Brand Identity, Spatial Design, Motion Design, Publication
Ode is a hypothetical Le Labo city-based boutique hotel located at Daikanyama, Tokyo. Designed to find yourself through
a spatial scent experience, Ode brings its customers to the heart of the city with simplicity and poetic balance.

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Funguy ︎︎

Packaging Design, Brand Identity, Generative Art

Funguy is a hypothetical mushroom coffee brand focused on the outdoors. By choosing the national park as the thematic
and graphic inspiration, Funguy develops the label material with a lighting function that can light up in the darkness.

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