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Funguy-Package Design

Packaging Design, Brand Identity, Generative Art

Brand Strategy︎︎︎

ArtCenter Gallery 2022
Communication Art Typography 2023 Shortlist
New Talent Awards 2023 Sliver Award
Communication Art Design 2023 Shortlist
Funguy is a hypothetical mushroom coffee brand focused on the outdoors. By choosing the national park as the thematic and graphic inspiration, Funguy develops the label material with a lighting function that can light up in the darkness.


︎The logo design is based on the growth shape of mushroom.

Color Palette

︎I picked the significant colors from national parks and used p5.js to generate them into patterns.

Pattern Design

︎p5.js coding tool
︎Pattern got inspiration from camouflage.

Coffee Label Design 

︎I chose to use lagre logotype as main graphic element on the bottle. Each bottle paired with a national park mushroom.


︎I used cti ink which the label can glow in the dark. It can provide light while people are camping in the national park.


︎The art direction of photoshoot is focused on natural, hiking.

Social Media

Digital marketing promotion, features different feeds and stories.


︎I designed a series of bug-off cards. Based on my experience of camping, people need bug-off card.


︎I designed a series of funguy promotion posters. It emphasized on the design of funguy and story of the national parks.


︎Initial concept of package design.