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Radical Bodies-Exhibition Design

Visual Identity, Spatial Design,  Generative Design, Publication

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New Talent Awards 2023 Sliver Award

I want to take New Art City (virtual gallery) further beyond current rebranding, I curated a virtual exhibition. This exhibition presents the work of 3 women digital media artists from different generations, who use feminism, culture, and identity to investigate current political events, social conditions, and overlooked artistic legacies.

Visual System

*I found these three artists all use 16:9 frames/ box to present their work from large-scale projection to the small iPhone screen. So this 16:9 box influenced my visual system. I applied it to the posters, booklet, and web design. The posters introduced the artists and their work as well as information about the exhibition. 

Inforamtion Poster

︎Text visualization

AR Posters

︎I leveraged new emerging technology-AR to allow users to access the information in the virtual space by scanning a promotional poster.
︎Please download  APP ARTIVIVE to scan those posters above


︎I designed this booklet by following the 16:9 ratio and introducing artists' work, statements, and the story behind their design process.


Virtual Exhibition Design

︎I utilized my experience in Unity to enhance this virtual exhibition. This exhibition moves away from the “white cube”, breaking the space boundaries. It creates an unlimited, free-walking path. 

︎Projected in physical world

Physical Exhibition Design