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Sensorial System- Decoding Intimacy through Multi-sensory Information Design

MFA Thesis

Sensorial System expands traditional modes of visual communication by reimagining the ways we interact with data. 

By creating multi-sensory experiences, designers can develop new ways of translating, interpreting, and experiencing information.

By engaging multiple senses through tangible interfaces, physical prototyping and multidimensional experiences, information can be processed holistically through touch, smell, and sound.

Smell My Data


1.1 Online dating app algorithm

1.2 Analyzed online dating data from my proflie
︎Translate data into scents

1.3 Generative Visual System 
︎p5js & processing

1.4 Decoing Intimacy

1.5 Scent Machine Design
︎3D render

1.6 Scent Machine User Interface

1.7 Final Installation


Thesis Book