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Ode- Hospitality Branding

Brand Identity, Spatial Design, Motion Design, Publication

New Talent Awards 2023 Gold Award
Communication Art Design 2023 Shortlist
Ode is a hypothetical Le Labo city-based boutique hotel located at Daikanyama, Tokyo. Designed to find yourself through a spatial scent experience, Ode brings its customers to the heart of the city with simplicity and poetic balance.

The whole design system follows wabisabi imperfection theory.


︎I used postcards as a medium to define and extend the ODE visual system.

Welcome Box

︎ I designed it for hotel customers to have a better experience at ODE. I chose to put perfume formula and hotel dine inside the box because I think these two elements can reflect ODE’s speical experience.


︎Extended Le Labo current home product line  and followed ODE graphic system, I chose diffuser, bodywash, shampoo for the collateral deisgn. 


︎By using different decoration materials to present Japanese traditional culture. For example: bamboo, cloth, wood, etc.


︎Created a physical output experience for ODE customers.
  The book introduced the experience in ODE and background story of Le Labo.
  I designed the grid system based on ODE logotype. One column on the right side and two columns on the left side.
︎Paper Choice: Japanese hand-made paper


︎I chosed to use ODE’s graphic system on the webiste. It provides an immersive digital experience as an extension of the brand. 

Selected website pages

Social Media

︎Digital marketing promotion, features different feeds and stories.
︎On the main instagram page, I introduced ODE’s stories and followed one image one content format.     By using this format, customer will have a smooth visual experience.
︎For ins story, I designed it as a new product lanuch container.