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Kaiser Permanente Rebranding

Brand Identity, Motion Graphic, Environmental Design, UIUX, VR

Brand Strategy︎︎︎

Young Ones Award Finalist︎︎︎
Hiiibrand Merit Award︎︎︎
As the largest nonprofit health plan in the United States, Kaiser Permanente is renowned for its tight integration of clinical services with healthcare insurance. My rebrand strategy moves Kaiser into a more accessible and connected brand. It curtails the distance between people and Kaiser.


The logo design is an evolution of the Yaro font. Increasing accessibility and connection are the main goals for the updated Kaiser; thus, the new logo connects “a” and “i” to express a feeling of integration. The rounded edge of each letterform brings a closer distance between people and Kaiser. The color choice is based on increased accessibility. Green is always seen as a positive: passing a test, proceeding safely, and achieving new heights. With these wishes in mind, Kaiser moves into the future. On the medical practice side, green represents safety; it’s the opposite color of blood. This new logo design will lead Kaiser to reach its industrial peak.

New Philosophy Posters

︎I created a new philosophy, ICARE, for how Kaiser can serve all people, both for members and nonmembers alike. The acronym ICARE stands for integrity, connection, respect, and enthusiasm. "ICARE"  advocates people to love themselves as a priority, mentally and physically—self-caring with our advanced, accessible platform.

New Hospital Design

︎Followed by new kaiser visual system.
︎I promoted the partnership with sweetgreen and soulcycle. Thus, the partnership posters can see inside the hospital.


︎I designer simple and flexible app system to fit patient’s needs. User can change homepage reminder order and change theme. Also the app includes telehealth progrem which user can easily see a doctor at home. 


Insurance Card

︎I designed a family insurance card set by using different colors.

Social Media

︎I utilized social media to promote kaiser’s speaker series and vr tour.