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New Art City- Rebranding

Visual Identity, Spatial Design,  Generative Design, Publication

1.1 New Art City︎︎︎

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1.2 Radical Bodies︎︎︎

New Talent Awards 2023 Sliver Award 
Communication Art Design 2023 Shortlist

New Art City is a virtual platform that aims to showcase new media art with a focus on copresence and shared experiences. I designed to use of cube-based visual elements and innovative technology to bridging the gap between physical and digital space. The goal of New Art City is to provide a unique and engaging way for people to experience digital art together.

Modular Font

︎I was inspired by the famous world-building game Minecraft,  users use different textures of cubes to build up a space. I designed this blocky-feeling modular font. These blocky cube fonts create a flexible and interchangeable system, laying the foundation of New Art City, which will help different artists build their virtual space.

Visual System

︎The posters mainly focus on the unique features of the New Art City, answering the question of what a virtual museum is and introducing current exhibitions. By designing these posters, I learned how to create the consistency 4-columns grid system.

AR Posters

︎I leveraged new emerging technology-AR to allow users to access the information in the virtual space by scanning a promotional poster.
︎Please download APP ARTIVIVE to scan those posters above

Webiste Design

︎Use any key pressed 
︎Use mouse Click to return to the starting state
︎Use mouse to roate the cube