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︎Branding ︎Transmedia

hypna Branding

Brand Identity, Packaging Design, UIUX,  Spatial Design, 3D Modeling

Brand Strategy︎︎︎
Feature on thedieline︎︎︎
hypna is an anxiety and stress reducing supplement system.

Our supplement helps individuals who want to sleep deeper in order to wake up energized and restore their natural circadian rhythm.

We use GABA amino acid to regulate anxiety allowing you to fall asleep in a calm state. Unlike melatonin, our supplement is free of side effects, resulting in a truly restful slumber.

We pair our supplement with an interactive application that analyzes your sleep patterns, provide valuable insights to help solve your sleeping struggles.


This wordmark is an evolution of the Grand Slang font. Created on the personalization and warmth feelings is the main goal for hypna; thus, the logo chose to use this sleek and elegant typeface. By connecting the letter "h" and "y," the logo shows hypna will stay around with consumers and provide timely help. The mission for hypna is not only create a supplement system but also emerge our cares into the whold sleeping ecosystem. This logo will carry hypna’s spirit and mission to reach its industrial peark.


︎I designed this series of posters to promote current product line. 


︎Oat Milk; Oatmeal Raisin Cookie; Lavender Strip. 
︎I chose to use dreamy, gradient color system to create a calm, sleepy feelings to the audience.

Pop-up Store

︎I decided to design an extension, pop-up store, for the brand by providing a local holistic experience. 

Trade Show

︎The products enter the one of the largest exclusive event on West Coast to get more promotion. I designed human-sized merchandise to give attention to the audience.


︎The website provides an digital online shopping experience as an extension of the brand.
︎I chose to used 2 columns grid to emphasize on the two results after taking hypna.


︎Paring with an sleeping and anxeity level tacking app. To provide a better understanding about user’s sleeping patterns. I designed this uiux interface by using scientific diagram system.